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History & Milestones
History & Milestones
After four decades of experience and success, BUTEC has continued to develop its diversified know-how and dedication to performance and reliability.

It is through professionalism and long-term partnerships with international specialized groups that BUTEC has gained the trust of public administration and established projects ranging from water treatment, electrical installations, oil, gas, and all industrial fields.

By continuously improving and modernizing its structures, BUTEC has been able to become, in many respects, a leading contractor in the MENA & GCC.

BUTEC Undertakes the Future
Through its constant evolving development, BUTEC has maintained its position as an innovator in the construction market. To answer its clients' needs, the company continually diversifies its activities towards the service sector in order to offer a comprehensive and competent management and servicing of works realized.

BUTEC has specifically created a new administration in charge of the service sector, namely operation and management.

  • 1964: BUTEC was founded - Incorporated in 1966
  • 1974: Syrian Branch
  • 1978: Iraqi Branch – Active until 1990
  • 1980: United Arab Emirates Branch
  • 1982: Saudi Arabia Branch – Active until 1991
  • 2005: Algeria Branch
  • 2006: Qatar Branch
  • 2007: Abu Dhabi Branch
  • 2008: The International Finance Corporation
  • 2008: Member of the World Bank Group becomes Equity Shareholder.
  • 2011: Jordanian Branch
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